The General Retirement System for Employees of Jefferson County (“GRS” or “System”) is a defined benefit plan and was established in 1965 by Act No. 497 (“Act 65-497”) of the Alabama Legislature. Act 65-497 was substantially amended and restated in 2013 by Act No. 415 (“Act 2013-415”).  The purpose of GRS is to provide its members with retirement income, and the member’s spouse or designated beneficiary if the member so chooses. GRS is a separate entity and separate jurisdiction from Jefferson County. GRS reimburses its operating to the Jefferson County Commission. GRS maintains all System Assets in the GRS Trust Fund.  

The GRS Board is responsible for the general administration and operation of the System. The GRS Board is made up of five members. Member Number One serves as the Chairman and is appointed by the Jefferson County Commission. Member Number Two is appointed by the Jefferson County Probate Judge. Member Number Three is appointed by the Jefferson County Personnel Board. Member Number Four and Member Number Five are elected by the active and retired members of the System.  Member Number Four must be a retired member of GRS. Each member serves a term of office of three years.

Pension Board Members

Robert Field,         Chairman

Robert Nolen         Member No. 2

Connie Harris,       Member No. 3

 Billy Morace,        Member No. 4

 Travis Hulsey,      Member No. 5